Our LONE STAR PICKERZ LEAD GUITAR & KEYS PLAYER is TOM STRAUCH. Tom is a fine vocalist as well as incredible guitar player and plays keyboards with excellent experience!  a San Antonio Texas native Tom spent many years in bands in San Antonio. The first big-time gigz was with The CRAFTSMEN.  They were a house band at BLUEBONNET PALACE in the 70's when that was the #1 club in South Texas!   Tom for  many years was Geronimo Trevino's Lead guitar & keys player & vocalist.  Tom's Telecaster guitar tone and technique is C O U N T R Y!!!  Additionally, he is playing keys & lead electric guitar at the same time!  He brings pro level skills as a working musician . His Fender TELECASTER is Brown and sounds "DOWNTOWN".  Tom is a pleasure to work with in a band and a fun musician and a very old friend. 

JEFF SIMONSON is OUR BASS PLAYER in the LONE STAR PICKERZ!  Jeff is a terrific farm boy FROM MINNASOTA who is very strong lead singer and passionate vocalist on harmonies! For the past 20+ years he has been the bass player & vocalist backing up Geronimo Trevino in the GERONIMO Band with many many gigz all over South Texas.  That band by the way was a HOUSE band at The HANGIN TREE in Braken, TX for many years.  


Wayne Martin is the founder, front-man, lead vocalist and plays rhythm acoustic and electric guitar and mandolin for the LSP band.(He’s known as Wayne-o to the PICKERHEAD Palz ) His hometown is Keller Texas which is near Ft Worth (COWTOWN).  That's where he grew up on Country music. His list of favorite singers include Guy Clark, George Jones, George Strait,Buck Owns, Vern Gosdin, Hank Williams Senior, Ray Price, Roy Orbison and Otis Redding too. Growing up, Wayne-o was in a High School band called the Acoustic Nerve.  This was a 5 piece Rock band in the late 60's playing Jimmi Hendrix, Cream, The Doors, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, Led Zepplin and the like.  Wayne-o was the lead singer and he still loves to sing, especially fun up-tempo songs plus tear-jerkin’ classic Country ballads too. 

If you are interested in booking the LSP band, talk to Wayne-o at

210-494-6170  His e-mail is: